Laptop displaying buy-to-let consulting availability with Andy Walker

Finding my blog and videos helpful but would like to talk to me directly about your situation and plans? Great news: online appointments are available.

Appointments cost £79 and last for 45 minutes, are pre-paid via PayPal and must be booked online. 

Consultation calls are conducted live over Sessions, which is free to use, and can cover any topic you like.  Common questions people have for a consultation are:

I’m a first time property investor and landlord and have doubts?

I would like a second opinion on a property that I’m considering buying?

I would like someone with experience to check the numbers?

How much will a renovation cost?

Most people have urgent issues and I’ll do my best to meet with you ASAP.

What Happens After I Purchase?

After you have completed and submitted the form below (which should only take a few minutes), your appointment will be booked and you will receive a confirmation email containing the link to the online video call.

What Is A Consultation Call Like?

The appointments are relaxed and uplifting, with the focus on increasing your level of education, awareness and confidence around property investing and being a landlord, so that you can make informed decisions going forward.

I will read any information that you have provided on the booking form so that I am fully up to speed before the call, and I’ll start the consultation by asking any follow-up questions I may have before diving into your questions.  If needed, I will then help you set some realistic goals to work towards, including practical steps to help keep you on track and focused.

Please bear in mind that to acquire any property, not just an investment property, it takes the services of several professionals e.g. mortgage broker and solicitor. So I may not be able to provide ALL the answers but I will at least be able to point you in the right direction.