The Best Paint Colours for a Rental Property: Say Goodbye to Boring Walls!

A paint palette and paint brush on top of a blueprint, suggesting the best paint colours for a rental property.

Choosing the right paint colours can make a massive difference in attracting tenants and keeping your rental occupied.

While personal colour preferences often come into play when decorating our homes, decorating a rental property calls for versatile and neutral paint colours that appeal to a wide range of renters.

This guide will cover the most popular paint colours for key rooms, top tips for choosing finishes and costs, hiring a painter vs. DIY and maintenance.

Follow these tips to help decide the best paint colours for a rental property that will impress potential tenants.

Why the Right Paint Colours Matter for Rental Properties

Picking paint colours for a rental property requires some special considerations:

  • Paint colours significantly impact a renter’s first impression of a property. The right hues can make rooms appear bright, airy and spacious.
  • With so many rentals on the market, strategic colour choices help your property stand out and appeal to renters.
  • Refreshing paint between tenants keeps your property looking clean and updated.
  • Neutral paint colours have the broadest appeal since renters have varied tastes.

When selecting rental paint colours, stick with light, neutral hues that work well in multifunction spaces. Here are popular paint colours for key rooms:

Living Room Paint Colours

The living room should feel welcoming and cosy. Popular paint colours include:

  • Greige. A mix between grey and beige that pairs with any style of décor.
  • Light blue. Gives a calm, tranquil vibe.
  • Soft green. Feels fresh but not overpowering.
  • Tan. Warm and inviting.

Bedroom Paint Colours

Bedrooms should evoke relaxation and comfort. Top paint choices include:

  • Light grey. It feels soothing and promotes rest.
  • Soft white. Bright and spacious.
  • Light blue. Peaceful and calming.
  • Beige. Warm and cosy.

Bathroom Paint Colours

For bathrooms, stick with hues that feel clean and bright:

  • White. Crisp and fresh.
  • Light grey. Modern and elegant.
  • Light blue. Relaxing palette.
  • Beige. Warm and welcoming.

Kitchen Paint Colours

Kitchens tend to work best in light neutrals that won’t clash with cabinetry and tilework:

  • White. Timeless and bright.
  • Light grey. Sleek and understated.
  • Light blue. Soft and inviting.
  • Beige. Reliable and flexible.

Avoid dark or intense colours that could overwhelm the space.

Various paint colour charts to assist with deciding on the best paint colours for a rental property

Paint Colour and Decorating Tips for Landlords

Beyond choosing specific hues, keep these general guidelines in mind:

  • Stick to light, neutral colours for the broadest appeal.
  • Avoid personal colour preferences – not all renters will like what you love.
  • Dark colours can make rooms appear smaller, while light colours open up space.
  • Soft blues and greens add subtle colour without overwhelming.
  • White makes spaces feel clean, bright and spacious.
  • Beige and greys pair well with any style of furniture and décor.
  • Ask current or past renters for their input on paint colours.
  • Repaint using durable, washable paints that can stand up between tenants.
  • White trim and ceilings instantly brighten up rooms.

Following these tips will make your property feel like home to any prospective tenants.

Choosing Paint Finishes for Rentals

When selecting paint for a rental property, consider finish and durability:

  • Satin, eggshell or semi-gloss paints are ideal finishes that offer durability and allow walls to be washed.
  • Avoid flat paints that scuff easily and show every mark.

Look for quality paint brands that specify their products are designed to withstand scrubbing and regular wear and tear. Investing in durable paint will save you money and time repainting.

Hiring a Painter vs. DIY Painting

There are pros and cons to hiring a professional painter and DIY painting:

Professional Painter

  • Saves time and hassle. No need to prep, tape off or clean up.
  • Expert techniques. Yield a quality paint job that will last.
  • Faster completion time. A pro team can paint a property in 1-2 days.
  • Cleaner paint lines. On edges and trim.

DIY Painting

  • Cost savings of £200-£400 per room.
  • Customise paint colours room-by-room.
  • Flexible timing – no need to schedule painters.
  • Sense of accomplishment after project completion.

Cost to Paint a Rental Property

The cost to paint a rental property depends on its size and the number of rooms getting refreshed:

  • For professional painting, expect to pay an average of £200-£400 per room.
  • If DIY painting, costs can be £100-£200 per room for paint and supplies.

Factors like location, contractor rates, special finishes and ceiling painting can also impact overall pricing. Be sure to get multiple quotes before hiring painters.

Top Tips for Painting a Rental Property

Here are some top tips to keep in mind when decorating your rental property:

1. Use Neutral Colours

As mentioned earlier, opt for neutral colours as they appeal to a broader range of potential tenants and provide a versatile backdrop for different decorating styles.

2. Prepare the Walls

Before you start painting, make sure to prepare the walls properly. Fill in any cracks or imperfections, and lightly sand the surface to ensure an even finish.

3. Choose the Right Paint

Invest in good quality paint that is specifically designed for interior use. This will ensure a professional and long-lasting finish.

4. Consider the Flooring

Consider the type of flooring in your rental property when selecting paint colours. Ensuring the colours complement the floor will create a cohesive and visually appealing space.

5. Focus on Skirting Boards

Don’t forget about the skirting boards! Painting the skirting boards in a contrasting colour can add depth and visual interest to a room.

6. Involve a Professional

If you’re not confident in your painting abilities, hiring a professional decorator is worth it. They will ensure a high-quality finish and save you time and effort.

Dulux Paint: The Best Choice for Rental Properties

When it comes to paint brands, one name stands out: Dulux. Known for its high-quality and durable paints, Dulux offers a wide range of neutral colours perfect for rental properties. I always use Dulux paint.

One of the advantages of Dulux paint is its range of washable options. Their washable paint is designed to withstand frequent cleaning and is ideal for rental properties, especially those with young children or pets.

Furthermore, Dulux paint comes in various shades and undertones, allowing you to find the perfect colour to suit your rental property and create the desired atmosphere.

Maintaining Paint Between Tenancies

To maintain your rental property’s paint job:

  • Touch up scuffs and scrapes promptly to prevent further damage.
  • Repaint high-traffic areas like hallways as needed over time.
  • Consider letting tenants repaint. If they ask to paint the walls themselves, consider their ideas.
  • Schedule entire interior repaints every 3-5 years to keep the property looking its best.

Proactive paint maintenance will extend the life of your paint job and rental property updates.

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Sum Up of Best Paint Colours for a Rental Property

The right paint colours and finishes significantly affect the rental appeal and tenant turnover. Stick to light, neutral hues with broad appeal.

 Beige, white, grey, soft blues and greens are great choices. Satin and eggshell finish stand up to scrubbing and regular wear and tear.

Follow these rental property painting tips to choose wisely and prep walls properly.

With strategic colour selection and proactive maintenance, your rental property paint will maintain its appeal and last longer between touch-ups.

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