8 Tips To Be A Good Landlord & Look After Your Tenants

Happy Tenant, Happy Landlord

Being a good landlord is something I take pride in. I have gleaned several tips over the years from past experience and by talking to other successful landlords.
In this video, I share 8 tips which have helped me be a good landlord and provide an excellent service to my tenants:

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1. Provide Instruction Manuals
2. Useful Information
3. Housewarming Gift
4. Keep Your Distance
5. Don’t Be A Cheap Skate
6. Send Them A Christmas Card
7. Think Twice Before Increasing The Rent
8. Deal With All Questions & Repairs Quickly!
Is there anything that you would add? Please leave a comment below, so that I and others, can learn from your ideas or experience.


Andy Walker

A Property Investor and Landlord with over 16 years of experience, providing free education and helping others to start or improve their Buy To Let business. More info on my About Me page.

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